Well, my M8 is on a UPS plane heading to a lucky buyer in California. Now itís time to sell some of the accessories that I wonít be using any more. Iím beginning with two:

A black Luigi half case Ė This is in excellent, but not mint, condition. Itís not scratched or scraped, but it would not be accurate to call it mintÖ itís just begun getting that nice aged look that makes great leather a thing of joy. Another couple of years of use and it will look just right. This is the model with the built in grip (IMHO a necessity for the M8) and the removable back panel.

Given the current dollar/euro exchange rate, these go for an incredible $320 new. I didnít pay that much for mine so I willing to let it go fro a very attractive $200. Thatís like saying the dollar and the euro are equal.

A black Leica M8 grip Ė I bought this with the camera, before I got the Luigi case. This is in perfect shape functionally, but has a few scratches on the bottom. You can also see where I removed the plastic and that silly sticker that comes on all base plates. I kept the plastic on the original plate so that when I sold the camera that would be pristine, but I hated walking around with the protection on the grip base.

The grip is terrific with the camera especially when used with the longer lensesÖ it provides a real secure handle on the camera.

Given the condition of the base plate Iím looking for $150 (lists for $227.50) for this item.

I have perfect feed back on ebay as Ďboxster 00í

The buyer pay shipping (which should be about $10 for each of these items) and paypal fees if applicable.

Thanks for reading this.