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Thread: SOLD: Leica MP, black paint, user, $1995

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    SOLD: Leica MP, black paint, user, $1995

    Lots of detailed pics show the cosmetic condition of the camera here: LINK

    Bottom line: If you want an MP and don't care much what it looks like, here you go.

    Leica MP, black paint. 0.72 finder, standard framelines. Functionally perfectly, finder aligned. New Griptac cover. Real user cosmetics. No dents or dings. The prior owner must have mistakenly rubbed the body with a mildly abrasive cloth or something on the sides above the strap lugs and on the right hand front, below the shutter release. I took pics in harsh light to show the condition. Mild brassing on right hand front of bottom plate, on wind lever tip, and on a few corners and edges. The bottom plate is pretty scraped up, and there's a few nice scratches on the top plate. Includes body cap, manual, extra battery cover, no box. I'll even throw in an off-brand black leather half case, which will cover up some of the ugliness. Strap pictured not included.

    I've bought and sold plenty over on RFF. (Feedback LINK). Sorry, I just lurk here at getDPI. I have had deals with several members here. I'll split shipping and any paypal fees if applicable (debit or credit card funding, international payment).

    Use the PM system. First "I'll take it" gets it, and I expect a prompt payment.

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    oleg C

    Re: Leica MP, black paint, user, $1995

    Hi, is camera still for sale?

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    Re: Leica MP, black paint, user, $1995


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