Due to several requests I have decided to have a small batch of such adaptors made.

Front Side (Lens Side) accepts RMS mount lenses such as Zeiss Luminar 16-63mm,
Nikon Macro Nikkor 19mm + 35mm and also accepts the Zeiss Luminar 100mm lens (!!).

Rear Side comes in three options:
1) UMA-1: Leica Thread Mount (M39 x 26tpi) also known as enlarger lens mount (very common)
2) UMA-2: M42 x 1.0 Pentax thread mount (very common, many bellows, helicoids etc. have that mount)
3) UMA-3: M42 x 0.75 T2 mount (fits any camera/bellows using a suitable and easy to find T2-adaptor ring)

Made in Germany of best available alloy, black anodized.

P.S.: I have very few such adaptors left, which have on front (Lens Side) RMS and M40 mount for mounting
the TOMINON series of macro lenses

Price: $95 paypalled and shipped as registered letter worldwide (EU: plus VAT). Insured shipping extra on request.