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Thread: SOLD: New GF1 body only

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    SOLD: New GF1 body only

    I just got the USA model GF1+20mm and am looking to sell the GF1 body only.

    The camera is brand new, never used. I never even mounted the lens on the camera. Comes with everything in the original box minus the lens and lens pouch. With the camera/kit in and out of stock pretty much everywhere, this is probably the fastest way to get the body.

    Asking for $650+shipping.

    I am new here, but have 100% feedback on ebay, and have bought/sold several thousand worth cameras and lenses on
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    Re: FS: New GF1 body only

    I am interested ; can you drop me an EMail or let me know how to procceed?
    I live in Houston,TX.



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    Re: FS: New GF1 body only

    lg.. sent you an email.

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