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Thread: CV Bessa R2M camera & lens: 250 Jahre set

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    CV Bessa R2M camera & lens: 250 Jahre set

    Here's a mint condition Bessa R2M camera with matching 50mm/2.0 Heliar Classic collapsible lens. This was offered a few years ago by the manufacturer as a "tip of the hat" to the 250th anniversary of the Voigtlander brand. The camera, lens and packaging are all original and each wear the special 250 Jahre designation. The set includes camera, lens, lens hood, lens cap and original packaging. The photos I've seen from this fast lens rival those taken through the famous 50mm collapsible Summicron (no longer manufactured.) I'm also including a B+W UV filter with this set.

    I like this camera because it let me use my 75mm lens with only a 75mm viewfinder frame present -- very comfortable to use! Please PM me if you are interested. Asking $799.00 for the entire set.

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    Re: CV Bessa R2M camera & lens: 250 Jahre set

    Still with you?

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