Equipment Type: Lens (generic front and rear cap)
Equipment Brand: Fuji Photo Film Co. Fujinon
Equipment Model: L 5cm f/2.8 (For Leica, Zeiss, Voigtlander, etc)
Price (S$): 645 nett to me

This is a rare lens with very clean and good glass. Most lenses have issues with the glass, this one is clean! The filter needs some force to fit well, but works. Some brassing at the end. Otherwise, the lens is in very very good condition. MWClassic is selling one for $1426.71. I have a modest price.

I have the CV LTM-M adapter if needed at an additional $25.

The lens will work with all screw cameras like the Canon and early Leica models. With the adapter, it will work with all Leica and Leica copies for cameras.

Fujinon lenses for Leica are rare, and they are very collectible because of the quality also.