I have a 1Ds3 with around 10k or less in shots.
It's 1 year and a few months old, and looks exactly like a new one.
It'll come with the box and ALL accessories like a new camera.

I've included 1 extra canon brand battery into this sale, and a kirk plate.

I'm looking to sell it at $4700 net to me, bank transfer is best. I will ship it as you see fit, or I will be around in NY and LA for local pickup, and will drive to PA as well..
If you're interested please let me know, I have great feedback on FM, and a lot of people on POTN will probably vouch for me as well.

If someone wants me to drive to Canada, I would like to get $5,200 CAD net. Which means I'll drive up to Canada, and mail it from a Toronto address so you don't have to pay the border taxes.. So you're saving a fair bit..