Would really like to see if someone has a Contax 645 system with 120/220 back and the 80mm f/2 lens. Purchased New about 5 years ago.

$3,600 OBO This is over half of what B&H used prices are seperate and that's condition 8 to 9 (no 9+) and my gear is excellent.
Percentage goes to APUG now that they take credit cards and not just paypal.

It is in complete stunning condition. Like new.
I simply cannot carry the weight anymore.


1. RZ67 proII Camera body, 1 strap & 1 120 proII back in TWO Mamiya Aluminum Carrying Cases.

2. Wide Angle 50mm f/4.5 Lens for RZ67 Cameras (Non ULD version)

3. Macro 140mm f/4 Lens for RZ67 Cameras (Non L-A version)

4. Normal 110mm f/2.8 Lens for RZ67 Cameras

5. Telephoto 180mm f/4.5 Lens for RZ67 Cameras

6. Wide Angle 65mm f/4 L-A Lens for RZ67 Cameras

7. RZ Auto Extension Tube #1 (45mm Long) for RZ67

8. L-Grip Holder RZ for RZ67


10. Tilt/Shift Adapter for RZ67

11. Power Winder II for RZ67

12. Cable Release for RZ67

13. Film Back for Polaroid Pack Film for RZ67

14. Film Back 220 Pro II (6x7) for RZ67

15. Lens Hood for 50mm and 65mm Lens RB67 and RZ67 - Replacement

16. Lens Hood for 90mm and 110mm Lens RB67 and RZ67 - Replacement

17. RZ Auto Extension Tube #2 (82mm Long) for RZ67

18. 75mm short barrel Lens for RZ67 to be used with Tilt Shift Adapter.

TWO custom cases, one custom Mamiya Case and one generic purchased later.