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Thread: SOLD: SCHNEIDER 100mm F2.8 C-mount $375

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    Yoji San

    SOLD: SCHNEIDER 100mm F2.8 C-mount $375

    C-mount lens

    Smooth aperture and focus

    Glass has no scratch, mark or fungus

    The body has no mark or scratch

    Comes with original front cap (Schneider) and original box

    Serial # 13 865 185

    More pictures can be seen here (or upon request):

    I often receive question about this beauty, even though it’s a Schneider lens people are worried concerning its performance compare to the Kern Yvar 100mm… First of all people don’t know that there is quite a big difference between Kern Yvar and Kern Switar. Switar is Zeiss quality, fast, heavy and great lens. Yvar is not, it’s cheaply made, light and slower by one to two stops compare to the Switar. Now back to the Schneider, here is a comparing “chart” so that you can see for yourself that the Schneider is definitely a notch higher then the beloved Kern Yvar 100mm

    As you can see the Schneider has a much larger range and let’s talk about how smooth the rings are on the Schneider… You can just change the aperture and m with the tip of your finger when the Kern requires you to grab it

    Kern Yvar 100mm
    F-stop Range: F3.3 – F22
    Focus Range: 8’ – ∞ (2.4m – ∞)
    Front Diameter: 31mm
    Weight: 180g (6.4oz)

    Schneider Xenar 100mm
    F-stop Range: F2.8 – F32
    Focus Range: 1.6m – ∞ (5.2’ – ∞)
    Front Diameter: 42mm
    Weight: 500g (17.6oz)

    Comparing pictures:

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    Yoji San

    Re: FS: SCHNEIDER 100mm F2.8 C-mount $375


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    Yoji San

    Re: FS: SCHNEIDER 100mm F2.8 C-mount $375


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    Yoji San

    Re: FS: SCHNEIDER 100mm F2.8 C-mount $375


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