Rangefinder gear sale:

1. Konica Hexar RF, black. $750.
Like new in red velvet presentation box. Comes with owner's manual and strap. Functionally 100% perfect, cosmetically 99% perfect. There are NO scratches on the titanium top and bottom plates. This camera was used very lightly and kept in a leather Eveready case to save the finish. Viewfinder is crisp and clear and the rangefinder is properly aligned. The Hexar RF is a remarkable camera, many say it is the best designed RF camera ever made. This is because of the built in motor drive (I prefer it over the Zeiss Ikon's manual lever wind, despite it's incredible viewfinder), AE with lock, 1/4000 shutter speed for wide open shooting in bright light (no rangefinder matches this), quiet operation, solid titanium /metal brick. This is what the Leica M7 should have been.

2. Cosina Voigtlander 21 mm f4.0 Color Skopar $339. New in box, never used, warranty til Oct 2010. Comes with matching viewfinder, caps and hood.

3. Cosina Voigtlander 35 mm f1.7 Aspherical Ultron, $ 488. Mint, like new glass, no wear on body. The 10 blade aperture adjusts smoothly, also focus is smooth, no play in lens. Comes with box, caps, hood. This lens has been sitting in my collection and has seen little use, and always stored carefully in a pouch when out of the drawer. The Ultron 35 mm is known to be a very good performer, sharp and contrasty with a pleasing OOF area or bokeh. It is likened to the pre Asph. summicron. It is discontinumed and harder to find in new condition like this one is.

4. Zeiss Ikon Eveready Leather case, new in box,

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