I also made 10 Hasselblad Pro-Shade Adapter for Rollei - Hy6 Lens. This adapter is a 95mm thread so it will allow the following lens to use the beautiful Hasselblad Pro Shade:
1. Rollei Schneider Super-Angulon HFT 2.8/50 PQS
2. Rollei Carl Zeiss Planar HFT 2.0/110 PQ
3. Rollei Schneider Super-Angulon HFT 2.8/180 PQ

The reason I made the adapter to use the Hasselblad Pro Shade is due to its light weight and flexibility to use on multiple lens while the Rollei lens shade are expensive and hard to find. Moreover, personally I do not like to scratch my front bayonet ring due to mounting the Rollei lens shade. This adapter will prevent the abrasion to occur. You can purchase the Hasselblad pro shade easily. I do have a couple extra Hasselblad Pro Shade 6093T for an additional cost. The T represent the latest from Hasselblad with the stop click on the rail as you extend and contract the pro shade. Best way to reach me is via email: [email protected]

Condition: New
Price: $150