I recently purchased a Streetshooter for the Leica M8-M9 cameras.

This is a belt clip that holds the camera on your waist. Makes it quite easy to access the camera quickly. Allows one to "shoot from the hip" in a very discrete manner. And it holds the camera when changing lenses - as well as a spouse, but with less eye rolling.

More information and photos can be seen at


It is a great gadget, but just not for me. Kind of like camera bags I suspect - there are lots of means to carry a camera, but different folks prefer different ways.

It looks brand new. I took it out a few times to try it and with the the unit incurred no wear, marks, etc.

New at the website is $120, mine is $90 shipped and pp'ed to the conus. (I'd prefer this as my ups pickup makes shipping much easier.) Please feel free to ask any questions.