For sale is my trusty M6 Classic, black, with original box, display case, shoulder strap, and body cap.

It is in excellent condition, has been well cared for, and works perfectly. All of my photos in the Leica Film forum here have been taken with this camera (but don't let that dissuade you ).

There are a few rub marks on the bottom plate, and the knurled part of the battery cover has some rub marks down to the brass (maybe 20% of the circumference as shown in photos).

Also available with the genuine Leica handgrip (highly recommended for improving the handling, and relatively hard to come by).

I will also include whatever left over film I have, approx 10 rolls or so of Legacy Pro 400 (Neopan 400 in disguise).

Price: $1300 with handgrip, $1200 without handgrip. Shipping included, US addresses only.

Paypal preferred, buyer pays fees.

(Lens and wrist strap shown for illustration and are not included)