Ok - I have a Canon F1N, "LA Olympics" model, winder, AE finder, canon 28 and 50, canon lens hoods, caps, body caps. It's not in great shape (scuffed, etc), but it does work. The finder gives Aperture priority, the winder shutter priority.

I don't use it - I use my Fujica 120 film rangefinders, and, now, my M8.

Anyone want to trade with something that will fit into my current systems?Got one of those Minolta CL or CLEs kicking around you want to trade? Voigtlander body/lens/whatever? I'm hankering for a film 35mm rangefinder that takes my Voigtlander M lenses, so that's a possible goal.

I'm not a collector, so I'd rather have something that I use, not something that is a "collectors edition" camera sitting in a cupboard. I'm not out to make money, nor to give the Canon away, just to trade it for something rangefinder based that suits my way of taking pictures.

Anyone interested?

I'm in Ontario, Canada, so most likely this would interest people in North America (and, of course, Nigerian scammers) only.

John Stewart.