I have an excess of FD gear and I am looking to pare down my collection.

Prices include PayPal fees and USPS Priority shipping. PayPal confirmed addresses in the US only. Subtract 3% if you want to use a money order. I will ship to Canada to confirmed addresses but add exact shipping to prices.

Photos of items can be found here:



Canon 35-105 3.5 nFD, $65. Makes a nice 70-210 3.5 equivalent on MFT platform. Good overall condition with moderate signs of wear. Glass is clean with no scratches or fungus. Comes with front and rear Canon caps. Includes Tiffen UV filter and a set of five 72mm Promaster black and white filters: Red, Yellow, Green, 81A, 80A. Among Canon’s sharpest zooms from the FD era. See Gary Reese's lens test:

http://zone-10.com/cmsm/index.php? o...352&Itemid= 97

Next up is a Canon AE-1 kit ($75) which includes a normal lens, a wide angle to telephoto zoom, a flash and a teleconverter. The AE-1 kit includes the following:

Canon AE-1. Good overall condition. I ran a roll through the camera and there are no light leak issues and the camera does not no squeal. Comes with instructions, strap, new battery and front cap.

50 1.8 SC. Glass is clean and barrel is in good condition but shows signs of wear. Comes with generic front and rear caps. Includes Tiffen Sky 1- A filter.

Tamron 35-135 3.5-4.5. Condition is like new. Comes with original box, case, caps, instructions and Adaptall 2 FD mount. Includes a 58mm Promaster UV and a 58mm Vivitar Red 25(A) filter.

Canon 155A Flash. Excellent condition. Includes case.

Komura 2X Teleconverter. Good cosmetic condition. I haven't tested this and I have no idea about its optical qualities. This is a throw in.

I would prefer to sell the AE-1 kit items as a package, but I can price Items separately.

Add the 35-105 to the AE-1 kit for $50, ($125 total)

I have feedback here, on photography-on-the.net (jam51), fredmiranda.com (jam51) and ebay (3669ef).