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Thread: Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Generator ‘To-Go’ Kit

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    Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Generator ‘To-Go’ Kit

    1100 Total Watt/Seconds battery operated, includes:
    - #10267 RX Speed AS Power Pack
    - Freelight "S" Flash Head
    - Varistar Umbrella Kit
    - Wide Angle Reflector, Grid Reflector
    -Charger, Extra Battery
    - Sync Cord, Strap, Hard Case

    Very light use, perhaps 2 dozen times. (B&H price $2225)
    Comes with additional 3rd Battery! ($242.95 value)
    Selling for $1835

    Similar to Pro Photo 7B, I believe better. Weatherproof, 7 stop range, short duration flash, quick recycle. Built like a tank.
    The "RX" signifies the ability to be fired by a remote control handset, or computer. The power range selection is 7 f-stops. Lower the power to 8.5 w/s, and switch to slow recycleand up to 3800 exposures can be made before recharging is needed.
    Included in this kit is the Varistar 33" Umbrella-(see below).

    Elinchrom Ranger has flash durations as short as 1/4310 sec. (with 2 "A" heads attached), ideal for sports, fashion, and theatre photography. Controls on the pack permit changing the output in 0.1 stop increments in an easy-to-read digital display.
    This is a 1 head, Speed AS kit which includes a Freelite "S" flash head, and a Speed AS power pack, which allows asymmetrical power distribution of the power to the two head outlets.
    • Varistar Kit
    The Varistar umbrella and reflector is a multi-purpose light source...wide angle, even and soft. The kit includes the 26164 wide-angle reflector and 26381 umbrella/softbox. The 41" Varistar is ideal for industrial, portrait and groups. It's easy to assemble and lightweight. It is suited for portraits and shots of 1 - 2 people.
    • Compact Design
    Easily transportable, fits easily into many location cases.
    • Weatherproof
    Special sealed controls and capped flashhead connectors, sealed bottom, battery drawer access from side of unit.
    • 7 F-Stop Range
    8.5 - 1100 w/s, digitally controlled in 0.1 stop increments.
    • Fast Recycle Time
    2.9 seconds to full power for approximately 140 flashes.
    • Recycle Indication
    2 LED's and an Audible Switchable Beep signify flash is ready to fire.
    • Fast Recharging
    The multi-voltage charger can charge a battery in 3 hours to full power, inside the unit, or externally.
    • Conserves Battery Power
    Automatically switches off 5 minutes after the last operation.
    LED's indicate remaining battery power.
    • Built in Slave
    The photo cell is adapted to trigger in bright ambient light.
    • Auto Dump
    Allows access to lower power selections without the need to manually dump a higher power first.
    • Memory
    Retains all previous settings since last use.
    • Compatible
    An adapter cable (11095) is available to use existing Elinchrom heads with the Ranger pack.

    SF Bay Area sale preferred, US Mainland only.

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    Re: Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Generator ‘To-Go’ Kit

    Photo of system, 3rd battery inside unit.

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