Voigtlander Pentax K to m 4/3rds Adapter
$125 plus shipping & Paypal confirmed CONUS addresses

I'm selling a like new Voigtlander micro 4/3rd's to K-mount adapter that has been used half a dozen times. I purchased it new from Cameraquest in November 09. It works great with the SMC lenses for manual focus on the Panasonic GF1 body. Unfortunately, the box pictured is not included as one of my dogs got a hold of it and destroyed it. I'm selling it because I'm selling the GF1. Included are the front and rear caps.
This will work with any of the micro 4/3rds cameras including Panasonic G1, GF1 and Olympus EP-1 and EP-2. New price on these is $179. Build quality is on par with the other Voigtlander products.

Price is $125 plus shipping and Paypal to confirmed CONUS addresses.

Thanks for looking,

Adapter is pictured here on far right (other lenses are not included in the sale)

Here are a couple images on the GF1:
With the Pentax SMC 43 Limited: