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Thread: Ultimate 4x5 Crown Package - Harrison, Fujiroid, holders, EXC+++ -- $845

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    Ultimate 4x5 Crown Package - Harrison, Fujiroid, holders, EXC+++ -- $845

    This would be a great way to start out with large format photography and I am such a prince of a seller I know you'll be pleased as punch ;-)
    Prices include USA shipping and assume PayPal payment (only).

    4x5 Crown Graphic Late Model Top Rangerfinder Model with Clean Schneider Xenar with rounded-aperture Synchro-Compur shutter and new bellows. Not mint but a perfectly set up user with everything tight and clean. Cable release and hood stay attached when folded. Rangefinder is accurate. Fresnel/GG is good, everything works as it should, ready to shoot. Lens has wonderful bokeh, see: I know you can find these for $50 at a garage sale but this one is proven. Includes a partial parts body with a good front standard and bellows. Lens and shutter CLA Fall 09. $425.00

    Harrison Pup Tent, Mint, these list for $197 at B&H, first $165.00

    Fuji PA-145 Instant Film Holder (like Polaroid 405 but with metal slide) clean rollers, smooth operation, with ugly Japanese sticker, with two ten-sheet packs of 100 speed Fuji Instant B&W film to get you started. $135.00

    New Sealed 50 sheet box of 4x5 TXP exp 04/2012 $60.00

    15 Modern plastic Fidelity/Lisco 4x5 film holders with signs of use but no abuse. Some have metal tabbed slides but are mint, others have plastic tabs with scuffs and writing. All are clean, tested, and light tight, ready to load. $150.00

    All together it makes a nice complete package totally $935. If you buy it all together I will sell and ship (domestically) for $845.

    I reserve the right to sell to the buyer of my choice and will give preference to someone who buys the package. If you see this unsold after a few days you can assume this no longer applies ;-)

    International Shipping... oye... insurance and tracking is such an unreliable mess that the only way I can do it is to charge for the actual amount (you overpay and I refund) and if you don't want to pay $$$ for DHL/FEDEX then you must assume all risk for delivery. Sorry but I've lost three expensive items sent to First World countries and I can't afford to guarantee our various postal services, regardless of whose fault it is.
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