Today I was thinking that the better option is to sell this lens. I rarely use it because I don't do macro shots and for now I won't do many beauty shots that allow me to own such an expensive lens.

It is really in mint condition, with the original leather bag.

I checked some auctions on ebay and it was sold for 600/700 in good condition.

I'm thinking in 650 including shipping to EU countries.

Tomorrow I'll add some pictures of it.

The Distagon T* 28/2.8 is from one friend and it is in really good condition.

EDIT: My friend confirmed me that it is the MM version...

You can check the pictures:

The adaptor is not included and unfortunally my friend lost the CY rear cap.

Price: 210

I have one Distagon T* 35mm f/1.4 but this one I'm still thinking if I sell it or not. I know this is an amazing lens but again, I rarely use 35mm lenses and it is too many expensive to be stoped. But for now I'll think about it...