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Thread: Elgeet 12mm f1.2 C-mount $150

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    Elgeet 12mm f1.2 C-mount $150

    I have an Elgeet 12mm f1.2. Has one tiny rub mark. Focusing is smooth and pretty light. Aperture ring is a bit stuff. Both seem to loosen up when played with.

    This is a little jewel of a lens, but frankly I don't like the pictures it takes on my E-P1. Just too much vignetting, even in 6:6 mode. Think I'll get a Voigtlander 15mm.

    If you're looking for a unique "look", it certainly has that. It is nice having a super wide with limited DOF for some situations and I doubt another 12mm lens this fast will ever come out.

    $150 is a good price and what I paid (cheapest I see on ebay is $249).

    Send me a PM with you email and I'll send pics of the lens and sample pics when I get home.


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    Re: Elgeet 12mm f1.2 C-mount $150

    Any interest at $120?

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