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Thread: FS: Garage Sale

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    FS: Garage Sale

    This is cross-posted from FM:

    I will only ship @ below prices CONUS, and will negotiate shipping prices to other destinations; local pickup is available to those in the greater Baltimore area. I accept payment via Paypal e-check.

    Canon 7D - Less than 500 shutter actuations at estimate and absolutely no wear whatsoever. This includes the box and everything that comes in it, including the USA warranty card. I purchased this on eBay and it was pieced out from a kit, so you will be receiving everything that comes in a kit box minus the kit lens $1435

    **Bogen/Manfrotto 536 Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs - These legs are in great condition with only a few nicks here and there $400

    ***Manfrotto Ball Adapter For Flat Base - Ditto condition of tripod legs $35

    *Kata DR-467 Digital Rucksack - Taken out of packaging, but only ever used once $65

    *SanDisk Extreme IV CF Reader - Firewire - Used a few times, still in perfect condition with box and everything that came with $50

    Olympus OM 28mm/3.5 - This is a much-lauded landscape lens; it turns out this lens just too closely overlaps with another OM lens I own and as I prefer photoj to landscape I am going to have to sadly let this one go. It is in great mechanical condition and comes with a metal 28/3.5 hood (which are quite hard to come by these days) $65

    62mm Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Filter - ND2 to ND400 (2 to 8 stops added density) - I purchased this just around a month ago and boy is it amazing; I have not really enjoyed video as much as I thought I would, however, and so I will let this go in order to make some other key purchases. I will sell this for basically what I paid for it new, as it has only been used once, but to you the advantage is that you have shipping included in the price and don't have to wait three weeks for the filter to get to your house from Hong Kong $75

    * Purchased on 02/07/10 from B&H
    ** Purchased on 02/10/10 from B&H Used
    *** Purchased on 02/20/10 from B&H Used

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    Re: FS: Garage Sale

    Here are images of the equipment that is still available:

    Bogen/Manfrotto 536 Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs

    Manfrotto Ball Adapter For Flat Base

    Kata DR-467 Digital Rucksack

    SanDisk Extreme IV CF Reader - Firewire

    62mm Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Filter - ND2 to ND400 (2 to 8 stops added density)

    2 x Olympus OM to Canon EF Adapter w/AF Confirm Chip

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