This is your Ultimate Mamiya C330S kit, period!!! Up for sale are the complete system of the famous Mamiya C330S with rare and much sought after lenses, hard-to-find accessories that would fulfill any usage of the system, from glamor photography to fast action shooting.

I'm asking $650 shipped + 1/2 Paypal

1. The Body Mamiya C330S Professional

It is in very good condition. Aside from the scuff mark long the edge of the camera, there is ding or dent on the body. However, the screw that hold the Hood Finder or the Porrofinder is missing, but it's easily replaceable. Everything else functions as it should.

Personally I prefer the S model over the F model since it's lighter and easier to wield.

2. Mamiya Sekor-S 80mm Multi-Coated (RARE)

Excellent Condition. A small ding on the taking lens filter ring, and the previous owner decided to glue the Flash Sync button. The shutter has no oil, snappy and accurate. Optically, it's perfect. Mechanically, it's responsive as well.

3. Mamiya Sekor 180mm SUPER (This is rare and highly sought after)

Near mint condition. Everything is as good as it gets. It comes with the leather box, the metal hood, and the 35mm adapter.

4. Paramender:

Come with the original box. It's functional and in great shape.

5. Porrofinder:

It's hard to come by one of these as well. It's in great condition and functional.

6. 2 x Waist-Level Finder:

One original, one generic. Both are in excellent shape (near mint on the original).

7. L-grip:

Excellent shape.