Today my second Leica R8 + Elmar-R 28-70ROM arrived.

As I don't need two equal cameras and lenses I'm selling this kit.

The body is in good condition with some wearing marks but nothing "serious". No dents or hard scratches. You can see in the pictures a little paint loss on the right side due the normal use (no scratch...just abrasion - don't know if this is the right term in english). The base is very good. This one is "Made in Germany".

I'm cleaning the viewfinder tomorrow as I forgot to do that today. It has some dust particles but after I clean it will be excellent.

The lens is in great condition. The body is mint and only the hood has a little wearing marks on the front. The front body cap has some marks too.

Both caps are original but the body has no body cap (the one in the picture is from my other camera that has the lens fitted. I'm buying a new body cap to this one on ebay. If someone take it before I receive it I can wait for it or sent it after I send the package.


Body + Lens - 800
Body - 500
Lens - 300

Open to trades too. Could be interested in the Summicron-R 50/2 3CAM E55 or 35/2 3CAM E55 too.

( I took the pictures with 5DMKII at 6400ISO... I'm amazed... )