Looking for a rubber mounting collar (with clamp obviously) for Profoto. Ideally just the collar, but will also consider a nice-priced Profoto insert. While there are some low-$$ inserts from SP Systems, etc, they're never in stock, so right now they're just nice web site pics.

Before anyone asks, no, I didn't break one ;> Hell, I don't know that you could short of using a machete. I ordered an insert some time ago that I THOUGHT, based on the web site description, included the collar. It didn't -- and I waited too long to return it. Given this $%^&* (CDN) dealer's history and the notorious (in)accuracy of their website listings, I should have checked further, but live an learn.

Payment by PP or EMT if in Canada. Shipping by USPS (NOT UPS) or Canada Post to Canadian postal code B0N 1C0.

Emails please.