Yashica-24 6x6 220 TLR Twin Lens Reflex
Fine Collectible Condition

Made between 1966-1968 the Yashica 24 model was designed to take the new 220 film for 24 exposures 6x6cm. Like the Yashica 12 this model is often hard to find, and thus examples in fine condition will always hold their value well.

The CdS meter is activated by a red button on the left under the focussing knob. The meter is working fine.

It has the superior Yashinon f/3.5 80mm lens with a Copal MXV 1-500 and B shutter.

The Yashica-24 was replaced by the Yashica-Mat 124 in 1968.

There are no dents in the body which is in beautiful display condition.
The focus is smooth as is the operation of the waist level finder. The self-timer is working beautifully but remember that the XM lever must be in the X position before using the self-timer or the shutter can be damaged.

It would be really hard to find one much better than this.
I have the original case, lens cap & a Spiratone metal lens hood

I want $200.00 for this beautiful collectible.... net to me.

Larry [email protected]