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Thread: Ricoh GRD I & II

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    Ricoh GRD I & II

    I have two Ricoh GRDs, a I and a II. I want a III, so these will have to go. Both cameras are in good condition. I'm looking for $350 each with PayPal and shipping fees inclusive. A trade for a GRD III or a lens for my GF1 (14-45 or 14-140) with cash sent in the appropriate direction would work as well.

    If needed, I can provide some photos this evening. I've been a lurker here, but I have plenty of feedback on eBay and the major watch forums. Feel free to email or PM me with any questions.

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    Re: Ricoh GRD I & II

    350 for a grd 1 is that correct?

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    Re: Ricoh GRD I & II

    That is correct.

    I'd reduce the price for anyone who buys both.

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    Re: Ricoh GRD I & II

    Price drop ($275 each OBO) and photos:

    GRD I

    GRD II

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    Re: Ricoh GRD I & II

    I'm also looking for a 14-45 Lumix lens for my GF1, so if you're interested in trading, please let me know.

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