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Thread: Nikon 9000 Supercool Scan

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    Nikon 9000 Supercool Scan

    Low hours. Had it for a few years now. I believe I have everything that came with it minus the original box. I also have a glass negative carrier. Arguably the best desk stop scanner outside of a drum scanner. 35mm to 6x9.

    The scanner itself weighs nearly 20 lbs so I'd guess that boxed up and with everything it would be around 25+ lbs so keep the shipping cost in mind.

    I would like $2300 + shipping. If you're looking at this listing then you probably know that they regularly go for quite a bit more and do not include the glass carrier.


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    Re: Nikon 9000 Supercool Scan

    ^___ Will entertain reasonable offers.

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