I bought this at B&H 5 years ago, they had just gotten a shipment of grey color, I wasn't planning on it but I liked the look and got one. Appropriate for wedding work!

I just picked it up from Melville (15 minutes away) where it had a new AF-S motor, new mount, new electrical contacts, and complete clean and adjust. Paper work will be included. It is just over 5 years old and my friends at Melville were able to do this under original warranty, and all this work is warrantied for at least 6 months, I think 1 year actually. I will be glad to facilitate any repair under that period if you send it to me, I'll bring it in.

This is a great sample, my main go to lens for weddings and events. I'm just succumbing to the siren call for a 24-70. The only marks on the lens are the 4 small chips depicted under the focusing barrel. That area near the mount is a screw. Glass is perfect. Original box, case, caps.