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Thread: FS UK & Eur Panasonic GH1 (Body only) Red

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    FS UK & Eur Panasonic GH1 (Body only) Red

    Too many lens, too many system, time for some pruning.

    Purchased by me on 27 Mar 2010 from a UK retailer so less than 3 months old. Perfect condition with all supplied accessories when new. I am prepared to include the original receipt and should you be unlucky enough to need the warranty I would be more than happy to assist should you need it.

    Camera is perfect (as new) no damage, no marks.

    Are you aware it is possible to get an accurate shutter count that cannot be reset ? requires a little manual dexterity.

    pressing this combination of keys will allow you to check the shutter count (SHTCNT), the power on PWRCNT, and an unknown variable STBCNT which has been thought either to mean standby count, or strobe flash count. also displays your firmware version.

    1. Switch off camera
    2. Switch to Single Shot Mode
    3. Press "Film Mode" and "Display" together, hold these
    4. Switch on camera, release the buttons after a short while.
    5. Press "Menu/Set" and "left arrow" together, hold them, ignore the display
    6. In addition(!) press 2 times "Film Mode"

    Now you should see the history of problems with date and a code, up to 16 items.

    7. Press "Menu/Set" and "left arrow" togeter once again and hold them
    8. another additional press on "Film Mode" and you see a screen with 3 counters:
    PWRCNT: counts the "switch on's"
    SHTCNT: counts use of the shutter
    STBCNT: maybe a counter for the standby?

    Once again No. 7 and 8 will bring you back to normal operation.

    My GH1 Shutter Count is 597

    Ok, went a little 'off topic' there.

    Pictures of my camera here.

    For Sale Lumix GH1

    Remember this sale is GH1 Body only however the 45mm Leica macro shown in some pictures is for sale in a separate post.

    The camera will come boxed with all accessories i.e software, battery, charger, all supplied leads and anything else supplied I have forgotten to list.

    Price I am asking 450.00 (+ postage) which will be at my cost only and be agreed with the purchaser.

    Payment via Bank Transfer. IBAN for European buyers. Cash on collection or UK cheque.

    UK buyers are welcome to collect, we are in Leicestershire.

    I have recently sold the matching 14-140mm kit lens for the GH1 on the forum to a member from Holland and many (too many) sales over the years on other forums. I have an eBay feeback of 312 @ 100% which includes many photographic items I have 'grown out of' or upgraded. Please ask and I will gladly show links to these references.

    Please be assured this is a quality used item and I promise a 1st class service.

    Questions etc via PM



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    Re: FS UK & Eur Panasonic GH1 (Body only) Red

    SOLD Subject to payment

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