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Thread: WTB: 35mm M mount lens

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    WTB: 35mm M mount lens


    So I finally managed to get M8 and now I'm looking for a lens for it

    Before I spend money on new 35mm Summarit-M I wanted to see if I can find something used and save a bit of money.

    I'm looking for Zeiss Biogon 35mm f2 ZM as my first choice. I'm still trying to make my way around Leica glass but there is just too much choice. As far as Leica glass I'm also looking for 35mm Summicron (affordable ) or Summarit-M

    Would also appreciate any advice on which Leica glass to get

    If you have one of these please PM me



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    Jeff Laitila

    Re: WTB: 35mm M mount lens

    Think about a Canon 35mm f2. It is a real sleeper, very comparable image quality to an early 35 Summiron, yet much more affordable.

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