A dear friend from Sweden is thinking to may sell all his Hasselblad Gear.
Depense offers and intress - he asked me to just check the waters
The system is used BUT totaly working fine both mechanical & Optical.

system is follow:

555ELD Body
PME metered Prism finder
3x A12 Filmholders
Polarplus polaroid back


40mm 4.0 CF Distagon
50mm 4.0 CF Distagon
80mm 2.8 CF Planar
120mm 4.0 CF Macro Planar
180mm 4.0 CF Sonnar
250mm 5.6 CF Sonnar

2XE Converter
Extension Rings: 8, 16, 24, 2x32
Hasselblad Proshade 6093 lens shade hood
Hasselblad Bay 70 Proshade Adapter 6093
Hasselblad IR Release unit
2 Tripod Quick Release Attachment for Hasselblad
Cromatek 100 Compact filter Holder
many filters and other small things

everything in a big Tamrac strong case

As i say.. its not mine i just help a friend with it.