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Thread: Revised FS Posting - Ricoh GRDII Package - $690

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    Revised FS Posting - Ricoh GRDII Package - $690

    Apologies...I lied!...well not really. I thought I had bought the hood for the Ricoh but apparently never did. See revised ad below.

    If you're reading this post you already know what a great camera this is!

    I just decided that I prefer working with a DSLR. I have used the camera only on a trial basis. Fewer than 100 photos have been taken with it. It is in mint condition and everything checks out perfectly.

    This is an incredible package. In addition to all the original boxed materials (including the box!), it includes the Ricoh GV2 mini viewfinder, an extra battery, an extra portable battery charger, and a Ricoh soft camera case. All items are either new or in like-new mint condition. The retail value of this kit is well over $1000.

    Please e-mail me if you’d like photos or more information. I'd also be happy to refer you to my eBay rating for reliability.

    Paypal payment only (unless you are in the San Francisco Bay area and we can do a direct exchange)

    I will only ship this to U.S. locations with shipping charges determined by location and type of shipping which we can discuss.


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    j arthur

    Re: Revised FS Posting - Ricoh GRDII Package - $690

    In SF Bay Area and interested -- please send me an email with more details -- thanks!

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    Re: Revised FS Posting - Ricoh GRDII Package - SOLD

    Sold via this forum and very quickly.


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