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Thread: Leica M8 with extras

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    Leica M8 with extras

    Excellent condition. No issues, no problems. 5678 actuations. The sensor was just cleaned. Framelines and patch works perfectly with the 6 different lenses I have tried on it.
    A few minuscule scratches, but only superficial. It is a very nicely looking camera!

    Delivered with the box and everything that came with it (charger + plugs, strap, cds, battery etc).
    I am going all in on film and can't afford to tie up this much money in a digital body. Wish I could, though!
    I have bought and sold here before and got a perfect track record on Ebay and can give you that one or references in a pm.

    Comes with the following extras:
    -Griptac camera cover.
    -GSS protective screen.
    - Leica spare battery.
    -2 generic spare batteries.
    -Beautiful leather half case with grip and strap.
    -4 and 2 gb Sandisk memory cards with reader.
    -D-coder coder kit for lenses.
    -Voigtländer 28-90 ltm adapter that takes codes.
    -46mm B+W 486 UV/IR multicoated filter in case.
    And I will throw in one used soft release.

    $ 2500 to me.

    Payment with Paypal or money order. You decide how you want it shipped. I am happy to ship worldwide!
    I will accept a return!
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    Re: Leica M8 with extras

    I will also consider a partial trade against one or more of the following items:
    Leica M2 - M6
    Summicron 50mm, rigid or first black version.
    Tele-Elmarit 90mm F2.8

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    Re: Leica M8 with extras

    I meant M2 to M6. Black painted, anyone?

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    Re: Leica M8 with extras

    I will throw in free insured USPS priority Mail to CONUS. International gets the same amount as a discount on their shipping.

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    Re: Leica M8 with extras

    Sale pending....

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    Re: Leica M8 with extras

    ...and sold!

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