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Thread: FS: Entire Lumedyne kit

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    FS: Entire Lumedyne kit

    I would prefer to sell an entire set-up (pack + head + battery) before selling the individual components. Thanks!

    I'm settling down at last, so finally I could get some bigger monolights to play with. Thus I'm selling my trusty Lumedyne set up. I have 3 kits with matching head+pack, 2x200ws and 1x400Ws. With trimmer the 400Ws goes all the way to 6Ws (7 stops). With the Auto Module, the 200ws could be trimmed down by 7 stops as well (to 3 Ws). One 200Ws set is about 3-4 times more powerful than the most powerful speedlight, and cost much less. With the 400Ws head we are in the sun-overpowering zone. All the stuffs are in working conditions. I would test them again before shipping if asked.

    Here are the details:

    1x P4LX 400 Ws Signature Series Deluxe Pack :$700
    2x #065 200 Ws Regular Pack: $125 each
    1x #008 800Ws Coil Cord Flash head without Modeling light: $60
    1x #008M 800Ws Straight Cord Flash head With Modeling light: $80
    1x #009M classic signature series head with Modeling light - no cord: $170. Practically brand-new
    1x 007S Auto module - Spot Metering: $70
    1x 007W Auto Module - Wide-angle Metering, VERY RARE model: $90
    4x house-hold to PC sync cables, assorted length and style (coil/straight) :$7-10, depends on the length
    4x P-cables, assorted length: $10-15, depends on the length. This connects the head to the Auto Module
    1x safe-sync cable, house-hold to battery pack: $15
    1x P-cable to battery pack - essential to connect the Auto Module to the pack: $50
    2x Pocket Wizard MH1 miniphone to house-hold sync cables: $10 each
    2x chargers: $10 each
    2x BSML #024C - Small batteries :$40 each
    1x BLRG #026C - large battery $70
    Assorted items, such as powerpack straps, hangers ,Diffuser Discs, Aluminum Snoot: will be included depends on the setup you buy

    And a Pelican case with straps for transporting the stuffs, if you get more than 2 kits.

    Price does not include shipping and/or Paypal fee. However, if you are picking up everything, the grand total is [marker]$1500[/marker] and I would ship the entire setup free of charge (to CONUS 48 only).

    Please PM me if you are interested. More photos can be found IN THIS LINK

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    Re: FS: Entire Lumedyne kit

    Everything is still for sale. Lowered the price for the entire kit to $1250


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    Re: FS: Entire Lumedyne kit

    Still available

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    Re: FS: Entire Lumedyne kit

    Still available, $1150 total.

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    Re: FS: Entire Lumedyne kit

    The entire kit is still available

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