I am selling a very clean Aptus 65 mamiya mount back, only 1999 shots on it. I have lots of extra batteries. Back has over 1yr left of warranty. Selling also Mamiya AFD with 80mm, 55-110, 105-210, and 35mm lenses. Everything is in great condition!

I am needing to finance other equipment before leaving for a month trip in June. Otherwise I would not do this, it is too nice a camera.

This is a steal! 28 glorious megapixels and a full camera outfit to boot!

The Aptus 65 has a 1.28 focal factor compared to 1.13 of a 22 or 75 so there is not that much difference. The 35mm lens here would be = to a 28mm lens in 35mm world.

$13,750 for EVERYTHING!!!! Bank check only at this price or +3% for credit card.

Pics available if you want them for serious buyers.

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