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Thread: Leica 21MM Elmarit 2.8 E60 prototype w/finder

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    Leica 21MM Elmarit 2.8 E60 prototype w/finder

    I find this lens a bit wide for my work on my M9, so I am putting it up for sale.
    I bought this lens from Leica dealer Lars Netopil in Solms. This is what he said about the lens:

    "This Leitz Canada Elmarit-M 2.8/21mm lens for Leica M mount cameras was introduced in 1980 with the M4-P camera, first series lenses had an E49 filter mount. However, vignetting problems forced to immediately change the design into a more wide frontmount version with E60 filter thread. The lens for sale here originally was one of those very rare E49 lenses. Serial-number 2993797 engraved on the SIDE of the lensmount. This lens was then used internally at Leitz Wetzlar lens design department, where the changes into E60 mount were designed. This lens was used as a sample for the new design, also in the communication between both Leitz Wetzlar and Leitz Midland Canada people. The E60 frontmount also reads the re-designed engraving and got a new serial-number, which is 2994061. Black anodized finish. Catalogue code 11134."

    I had a complete CLA done at Leica NJ last month. As you can see from the photos, the lens is near pristine. Images are tack sharp, color rendering is Leica glow. Included is a Voigtlander 21MM finder. Price is $1940.00 net.

    Inquire directly at [email protected].
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