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Thread: FT: GF1 for E-P2

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    FT: GF1 for E-P2

    I have a red GF1 purchased in December with a spare Panny battery, LVF1 viewfinder and Hirano hard leather half case that I'd like to trade for an Olympus E-P2. I'd prefer to get the Oly EVF in the deal but can be flexible with that if needed. I'd prefer to not include any lenses in the trade but would be open to any suggestions with that if it's desired as well. My GF1 has been well cared for, is in excellent condition and performs perfectly. Make me an offer!

    The lens in the photo is not included unless there is an arrangement to do so.

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    GF1 has been traded

    Got my E-P2 today. Thanks GetDPI.

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