I really love this bag and was so pleased when I bought it, but I have found that when it is loaded up it is just too heavy for me to carry. Gives me bad back pains and makes my ankles hurt (I have had both Achilles tendons torn and surgically repaired). So it is very reluctantly for sale. It is as new, I used it for about 2 months on 4 or 5 trips away in the van, so it has not been out int he weather or had any hard usage.

Price $AUD375 ONO plus postage – new listed prices (in Australia) vary from $562.00 -$669.00

Description from the website:

“A firm favourite with serious photographers all over the world.The 445 has recently undergone a substantial re-design.

The main compartment now includes four extra full depth pockets. The single, straight-path zip top opening is retained but has now been reprofiled, so that it is possible for the zip panels to lie out of the way behind the inside pockets, to form the Billingham TukTop.

In use the zip can remain open and protected with the main flap. The simple straight zip path ensures long, trouble-free life. The extra height ofthe 445, allows a hammerhead flashgun to stand upright in the bag.

The adjustable Delta shoulder sling comes complete with a leather and neoprene SP20 shoulder pad.

A new accessory, the G4 Computer Slip, will fit into the front pocket of the 445, allowing a laptop computer to be safely carried.

An 8-15 and 9-18 Superflex, together with a Flap are included.

External Dimensions
W420 x D220 x H315mm
W16,1/2 x D8,1/2 X H12,1/2ins

Internal Dimensions
W405 x D150 x H275mm
W16 X D6 X H10,3/4ins”

Link here to the manufacturer’s page for more http://www.billingham.co.uk/acatalog...amera_Bag.html