Here are some of the lens I bought recently but I did not get the chance to use it or very few times.

1. Canon 1.2/50 L EF
Note: Still has about 10 months of warranty left from Canon USA dealer.
Condition: Mint
Price: $1295

2. Canon 1.2/85 EF
Note: Brand New never used. I bought it for 2 weeks and did not use it yet. Thus, still got 1 year left of warranty.
Condition: New
Price: $1800

3. Canon 1.2/85 L FD
Note: this lens is the FD mount and can be used with the Sony NEX camera via an adapter.
Condition: Mint with original box and lens shade
Price: $650

4. Canon FD to Sony NEX adapter
Condition: Mint
Price: $85