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Thread: WTB: (LTM) 35 Summaron f/2.8

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    WTB: (LTM) 35 Summaron f/2.8

    Do you have a 35 Summaron f/2.8 hiding in a drawer that would like to feel the sun on its face again and to breathe fresh air?

    I'm not looking for a collector but a user with clean glass, without haze, no fungus, and no oil on the aperture.

    If you have such a thing that you could bear to part with then PM me and let's make each other happy!


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    Re: WTB: (LTM) 35 Summaron f/2.8

    It is a great daylight shooter, so it should see the light of day. Good luck with a purchase. It appears to be a desireable lens. I used to own one, and am sad that I sold it...
    Ashwin Rao
    Seattle, WA
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    Re: WTB: (LTM) 35 Summaron f/2.8

    I have a Summaron 35/2.8 for sell. It is not exactly LTM version, but comes with an original fixed adapter for M-mount. S/N: 1755155. If you are interested, just PM me! :-)

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