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Thread: Interest Check: LHSA M6 TTL Black Paint

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    Interest Check: LHSA M6 TTL Black Paint

    Hi Everybody:

    I currently own a Leica LHSA Special Edition Black Paint M6 TTL .85. It has never been used and is in mint condition. The camera is also working perfectly fine as I had it checked by Sherry Krauter of "The Golden Touch" last week.

    Since I cannot make up my mind whether I should sell it or not (and get an M5 instead for usage), I would like to know whether someone would be interested in the camera as such. I had paid the official price for it, being US$ 2,695.00.

    Thanks and best wishes to all of you. It is fun to follow this forum!


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    Re: Interest Check: LHSA M6 TTL Black Paint

    Could you PM me how much you want sell for this camera? Thanks.

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