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Thread: FS: Feisol CT-3442 and Kirk BH-3

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    FS: Feisol CT-3442 and Kirk BH-3

    I am selling two items
    • Feisol CT-3442 Tournament Class tripod. This is a 4-section carbon fiber tripod from Feisol's top "Tournament" line. It lists for $400 on Feisol's web site, but they sell it for $340+$30 S&H on eBay and if you dig around you can find it for $310+$20 S&H online. I am asking for $220 FIRM. The tripod is in good shape. It shows minor cosmetic wear from outdoor use, mostly surface scratches on the lower leg sections. I am also missing a rubber cap from one of the legs, I have requested a replacement from Feisol and will provide it to the buyer. The sale includes everything you would get with a new tripod --- the legs, carrying case, and small hook for the base to hang an optional weight.

    • Kirk BH-3 Ballhead. The well regarded compact head from Kirk, retails for $275+$10 S&H. I am asking for $200 FIRM. Excellent condition with no visible signs of wear. The ballhead is small enough to allow the legs to fold back onto the base for a very reasonable collapsed length of 19", no disassembly required.

    The two make a great travel combo that is sufficient for a prosumer DSLR body with a moderately heavy telephoto lens such as 80-200/2.8. Selling to fund the purchase of a Series-3 Gitzo ($$$).

    Prices are net to me (check, USPS money order, Paypal e-check, etc) and do NOT include shipping. I will charge you actual shipping cost or $20, whichever is lower. Local (PDX) pickups welcome free for the lowest possible cost. Will give preference to buyers who want both the legs and the head.


    The missing rubber cap, today Feisol confirmed that they are shipping me a replacement that I will provide to the buyer

    The light scratches on the lower sections of the legs

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    Re: FS: Feisol CT-3442 and Kirk BH-3

    A point of clarification: I have been told that Feisol has two versions of this tripod. The current one has been selling for about a year and includes the anti-rotation leg logs. My tripod is the older version, purchased directly from Feisol about two years ago. Apologies for the misunderstanding, unfortunately I cannot edit the original ad.

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    Re: FS: Feisol CT-3442 and Kirk BH-3

    Tripod was sold locally. Thank you for the interest and apologies for the message bump. Perhaps because I am a newbie in the this forum post editing is not available to me.

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