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Thread: FS: Leica 18mm/24mm View Finder..New in Box! (Even use as a WATE Finder!)

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    FS: Leica 18mm/24mm View Finder..New in Box! (Even use as a WATE Finder!)

    Hi All,

    In two separate FS: listings, I have posted both my LN Leica 24mm f2.8 Elmarit-M lens (Silver) and New Zeiss 18mm f4 Zm lens (Black) for sale.

    The viewfinder that's perfect for either or both of these lenses is my New Current Model Leica 18mm viewfinder (Black), that also has framelines for 24mm! Great when using both a 18mm and 24mm lens on the M9 or when using the 18mm on both a M9 and M8..where one needs a viewfinder that shows either 18mm or 24mm!

    It can even be used with a 21mm lens too if need be, by viewing between the two sets of framelines.

    *** With the WATE, I tested out this viewfinder. Depending on subject distance (of course), the 18mm framelines was just short of 16mm and between both framelines was 21mm. Not as accurate as the Frakenfinder but oh how small and compact...and for some, may be worth the tradeoff of using this finder with the WATE rather than the Frankenfinder...for shear ease and diminutive size.

    The viewfinder is exceptionally bright, with it's robust all metal construction, including the foot. Far superior to the previous models of Leica viewfinders.

    The finder was removed from it's original box for examination and then put back while I decided for a time what my wide angle lens line-up would be like and as to whether I needed this finder or not.

    Price is $639.00 plus shipping/insurance costs (all net to me).

    ***As mentioned, I also have both the Leica 24mm f2.8 Elmarit-M lens (Silver) and my new Zeiss 18mm f4 Zm lens (Black) for sale in other FS postings and this 18/24mm viewfinder is ideal to use with them!

    As reference, I've done many transactions (brought and sold) here on Getdpi as well as all the other usual forums and each one was a pleasure. I've also been on ebay for 10 years with 1300 pure positives!

    *** Please note: Since I am usually on my cell phone, responding to PM's is very difficult from it. SO PLEASE e-mail me (instead of PM's) at IRGdme "at" AOL "dot" Com. with any questions or purchases, although once back at a regular computer, its then possible to answer PM's.

    Thanks for Looking!

    Dave (D&A)
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