I would like to trade professional services for a nice ball head and a good CF Gitzo tripod. My tripods and heads are quite old studio variants and not suited to me lugging them out into the SW, where I am heading in June. I own ej arts, inc. a small specialty printing studio and would like to trade drum scans and fine printing for a nice used setup. I only ask that it be in good shape not totally abused. Name how many drum scans or how many prints at what size you want for your gear and of course tell me what that is. We print as wide as 44" across on an Epson 9880 using Hahnemuhle papers. I have my own custom manufactured inkset that delivers superior color and density than K3. I teach Digital Imaging and Fine Digital Printing at RIT. I have printed for Jerry Uelsmann and for the George Eastman House amongst others just to give reference to my skills.


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