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Thread: FS:(EU) Polaroid 600 se with 127mm f4.7 mamiya lens

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    Tuukka Elias

    FS:(EU) Polaroid 600 se with 127mm f4.7 mamiya lens

    I have for sale almost mint polaroid 600 se with mamiya 127mm f4.7 lens.

    Its hard for me to let go of it but i have to get some money to purchase the 100mm zeiss.

    Then the description: This camera has two faults. I don't have the slide for the polaroid back, and the rubber from the zoom ring is missing. That means the zoom ring is all metal. It has been that way from the day i bought this lens, however i didn't know that time that it was supposed to have one.

    Everything else is like new. I would rate the body as mint and mechanics perfect. I can't find a single scrach from the body or the lens. Optics are perfect and the lens is razor sharp. If i have to find one scratch it is at the front cap Polaroid back works smoothly and it is at top condition also. Shutter is presice and aperture ring moves easily. Shutter wire has been changed about half a year ago and shutter release is like new. Its very smooth and easy to work with. Overall this is the best copy of Polaroid 600se that i have met. I have own two of these, i sold the other one about year ago but couldn't let go this one.

    I will also put 3 packs of fuji fp100 film with it, two color and one b&w.
    Above that i have wideangle finder (75mm) for the camera, that is quite a rare piece.

    Unfortunately camera is at the moment at my girlfriends place and i get it at the friday, so i will post some pictures then. I just wanted to put this for sale already to keep my dream of 100mm zeiss alive

    I havent sell anything at these forums but i have 100% positive feedback at ebay with name "tuseppal".

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My email is [email protected]

    Item will be shipped from Finland, and the shipment will be something between 30-60$ depending the destination.

    Im asking 520$ the whole thing +paypal and shipping
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