Mint boxed 90/5.6 Super Angulon XL Copal 0 Shutter with Scheider IVa Centre Filter. 1275 + shipping (lens is in the UK and I am happy to ship internationally).

What is Linhof selected? You can read more here at the info link

The lens has been used once so is in perfect unmarked condition with the correct SCHNEIDER IVa centre filter

The lens and filter would cost you 1737 + vat new (non Linhof selected)

This is the ultimate 90mm lens from Schneider; it offers a brighter viewing image, more coverage and is not much larger than its 90/6.8 Classic sibling. We've even seen it used on 4x10" format which really is spectacular.
Optical Construction - 8 elements in 4 groups
Image Circle at infinity - 259mm @ f22 - covers up to 5x7"
This allows shift of up to 67mm vertically and 60 mm horizontally on 5x4" and 37mm vertically and 30 mm horizontally on 5x7"
Filter Size - 95mm [Needs a Lee 100mm Push On filter holder]
Recommended Centre Filter - IVa (3x)
Weight - 665g