I'm finding the Zeiss 25mm f2.8 ZM lens to be a little too wide for my tastes on the M9.

However, the lens was the perfect focal length on my old M8, but I have sold that so I no longer need this lens.

Lens has the highly sought after Milich mount and is 6-bit coded as a 24mm elmarit. No red-edge issues on the M8 or M9 and is very well corrected for in camera. Focusing is spot on. If you were to buy a new one, and then get the Milich mount and 6-bit coding, you would be looking at ~$1200 + $100, so over $1300 total. The lens is like new and mint with box, paperwork and everything as new. I will also include the vented hood which is normally extra as well.

Check out Steve Huff's great review to get an idea of what kind of imagery this amazing lens is capable of:

Steve Huff's Zeiss 25mm ZM Review

I'm looking for a straight up trade for a Nikon 85mm f1.4 AF-D lens, USA version, like new/mint with box, paperwork and everything as new. Would also prefer original owner with receipt and a lens purchased less than 5 years ago, in other words with some warranty remaining.

The Zeiss 25mm lens is also available for an outright sale for $950.

I have extensive FB on Fred Miranda and ebay and recently purchased a lens from Tom in Mpls.