Contax with waist level finder, Zeiss 55mm f3.5 lens and Phase One P25 digital back kit.

Contax body bought (used) as a back up, which I never used is in excellent condition with minimal signs of use.

Waist Level finder is LNIB, bought and never used by me.

55mm lens shows some minor cosmetic paint wear around front bayonet flange but otherwise in very good condition.

P25 back, I am the 2nd owner; original invoice from Calumet available. Current count at 33,2xx. During my ownership, it seldom left the studio, almost always attached to my Linhof. It's been sitting in a cupboard for more than a year after my upgrade to a P45.
Comes with original case, firewire cord, charger, manual, software & tutorial discs, LCC plexi card, batteries.

Priced and sold as a complete kit only, $7,000. (Less than a Nikon D3X or Canon 1DSmk3; consider it a firm price)
Free shipping for North America; add $100 Europe, $200 elsewhere.

I'm new here but have 100+ perfect feedback on eBay as "notlightbulb"

email to: [email protected]