Raining today, so I cleaned out the camera cabinet of things I donít use much (or at all).

Voightlander 40mm f1.4 MC in Leica M mount. I bought this lens for a project, used it that once and not again. The lens is terrific and fast, but I canít get used to the 40mm field of view. The lens has a UVIR filter on it and is in like new condition. The focus throw is very smooth, but the 40mmís are almost always a bit stiffer than other Voightlander lenses. The price for the lens and filter (with original lens box) is $380.

Luigi case and strap for an M6. These are black and the case has the built in grip. The condition of the case is very good to excellent and it is just beginning to develop the patina that makes Luigiís cases so attractive. The adjustable strap shows more wear since I wrapped it around my wrist when shooting. However, it is still in fine shape. The pair is $220.

Panasonic DMC-ZS3. This small camera is in like new condition. Iíve added an S90 and this get no love these days. With box. $275

Primus Minimus AW bag. This is a terrific two-compartment backpack that lets you pack your camera in the lower compartment and hiking gear (lunch, windbreaker, etc) in the top. In addition the pack swings so you can get at your camera without taking the whole pack off. In excellent condition. $60 plus $20 for shipping.

Iíll cover paypal and shipping (except for the bag) for all items at the listed price. I have a perfect record on the bay as boxster00.