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Thread: FS: Millich C/V 12mm filter adapter/hood

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    FS: Millich C/V 12mm filter adapter/hood

    For sale is a by John Millich custom made filter adapter/hood for the Cosina/Voigtlander 12/f5.6 Ultra Wide Heliar lens. This lens doesn't have a thread to accommodate a filter like the Leica 55mm UV/IR cut filter (much needed when using lens with the Leica M8!).

    Designed and professionally manufactured by John Millich this ingenious two-piece adapter serves a double purpose. It makes it possible to attach a filter to the lens filter goes between the two parts of the adapter which then gets attached to the lens, and at the same time it serves as a hood to protect from flares.

    The adapter is black anodized and in perfect/like new condition. (new: $150)

    I'm selling for $100 + shipping

    (Paypal only)


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    Re: FS: Millich C/V 12mm filter adapter/hood


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